Oesterlen Services for Youth

This new residential cottage provides living accommodations for ten residents, including recreation, living and dining and therapy areas. It is a 6,800 sf institutional masonry structure which features geothermal heat and LED lighting fixtures. The design includes enhanced natural lighting to provide therapeutic elements to residents, which among other green-building features will result in reduced energy costs for the facility.

Features such as geothermal heating and gas fired tankless water heaters have been employed to provide hot water as well as provide emergency heat should there be a power outage. The masonry walls were insulated by using traditional foam sheeting on the exterior of the block as well as additional foam filling of the masonry exterior walls. Insulation was used above the primary ceilings to further reduce air infiltration. The use of strategic heat zoning based on use and function, coupled with sensors spread through the building, web based monitoring and capability to reset temperature settings will afford the owner additional controls to monitor energy usage. Self-diagnostic monitors of the HVAC from any web accessible site will allow the facility maintenance personnel the ability to make adjustments of required service as needed.
Project Size:
6,800 sf
Type Of Construction:
Masonry structure
Designed By:
Steve Sharp
McCall Sharp Architecture