Design/Build is the turnkey approach you get when you hire Kapp Construction to lead the entire design and construction team. It is the simplist, most cost-effective way to build. During the design phase, Kapp works hand-in-hand with the architect to ensure the project meets your needs, objectives and budgets.

 Advantages of Design/Build
  • You get early cost input from the contractor. A price is put on conceptual design ideas as they are developed.
  • A Guaranteed Maximum Price can be established early, right after the scope of the project is established.
  • The need for high cost change orders can be eliminated.
  • Architectural/engineering fees are kept to a minimum, and determined from the beginning.
  • Contractor fees are kept to a minimum and are determined from the beginning.
  • Legal fees are kept to a minimum by eliminating the adversary roles.
  • Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems and methods that the contractor KNOWS are effective.
  • Chances for misunderstanding are minimized with the TEAM approach.
  • Realistic completion dates are established.
  • Special services such as preliminary feasibility study, value engineering, and life cycle cost analysis are available.
Time can be saved because of “FAST TRACKING”

Fast Tracking

A Design/ Build option that allows construction to begin before the formal plans are fully complete.

For Example: The architect may be completing interior designs while the site and foundation work is underway.

The Design/Build approach is one in which the Owner contracts with one firm to provide both design and construction services. This turn-key approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and for construction. On a design/build job the contractor and architect/engineer are allied and work together to serve the Owner's needs. The Owner, contractor, and architect/engineer are then enabled to work together as a TEAM to design and build a successful project, together.

This team approach eliminates the tendency to blame the other guy if a discrepancy occurs. Team members focus on solving problems rather than placing blame.