About Us

25_Years_-_Option_1Randy Kapp founded Kapp Construction in Springfield, Ohio in 1985. Kapp Construction's work is based upon the philosophy of high integrity and continuous improvement to create the greatest value for the construction consumer. The success of Kapp Construction has been achieved by a commitment to delivering quality and value to our clients.

Our experience has determined that a personal, partnering style which relies upon a free flow of communication and promotes teamwork is the most effective method in achieving your goals. The project is clearly stated, and Kapp then delievers as requested. Our performance speaks loudly for us, just ask any of our satisfied customers.

From Concept to Ribbon Cutting

Starting a construction project can be a substantial undertaking for your organization. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff will guide you and answer your questions during the entire process. We'll focus on what's important so you can use your time to make the decisions that impact your business.

Building on Tradition

Construction processes may change, but our standards do not:

  • Our teams work together to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget
  • Safety is always top of mind when we perform any job
  • We encourage and reward creative solutions to complex problems

Why Choose Kapp?

  • Our People - We have the area's best field crews led by supervisors, each with an average of 18 years experience. We also have specialized crews in-house to assist in site work, rigging, welding, steel erection, millwork and finishes.
  • Diverse Projects from Industrial to Educational to Housing
  • Value Engineering (Extensive Experience in Bringing a Client's "Over Budget" Project to within Budget)
  • Safety Conscious Jobsites
  • Financial Stability/Bondable
  • Long, Successful Relationships with Subcontractors
  • Knowledge of Current Market Trends (Budgeting, Material Availability, etc.)
  • Our Equipment - we have the areas largest inventory of construction equipment to handle any building need.
  • Track Record of Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Self Performance of a Large Amount of Work Means Better Control of the Project
  • Record of Repeat Business